Save Time . Save Money . Reduce Stress

Just think how amazing it would be to have your own Personal Stylist who knew exactly what worked for you and when, did the outfit-hunting and brought them directly to you all year round.

Seamlessly incorporate new items into your existing wardrobe so your clothes can be versatile and you never need worry about repeating outfit, and avoid making hurried purchases which are never worn.

Receive expert guidance via telephone, email or Skype to answer any emergency style dilemmas and look great every time you step out!




  • We discuss your lifestyle needs and the style that you would like to achieve, as well as the different looks you require e.g. corporate, casual, party, formal and evening.

  •  We assess your current wardrobe and work through your wardrobe systematically separating the clothes that suit you from the unflattering items.

  • We assess how to best maximise your current wardrobe revealing how to put different outfits and looks together, which you may not have thought of yourself.

  • Fill the gaps in your wardrobe with recommended items to enhance what you already have. You will also receive useful tips on where best to buy these missing items for your wardrobe. 

  • Receive style tips on what shapes, styles and colours suit you best - advice that will last you a lifetime. Sizzle your current wardrobe pieces to give them a new life.



Totally Gorgeous You

A personal shopping service just for you. I search for all the items on your shopping wish list, and do all the thinking and running around for you. All you need to decide is whether you like something or not. But fear not, we aren't out to encourage you to break the bank. You set the budget and we'll stick to it.

The aim is to find you clothes and accessories you can ‘mix and match’ so you can make the most out of your entire wardrobe. 

You also receive personalised style tips on what shapes, styles and colours suit you best - advice that will last you a lifetime and save you a fortune in shopping!

Executive Personal Stylist Service

Looking the part is important to you. Your life is a constant stream of meetings, social events or flights and you want to take the stress out of deciding what to wear by giving a Personal Stylist the job of planning and finding you the perfect outfits for each occasion. Get yourself a:

  • Personalised Look Book for each season

  • Wardrobe Consultation twice a year

  • 2 Personal Shopping Sessions twice a year

  • 2 Personal Shopping Sessions in between your main sessions for seasonal updates or special events.

  • Direct email, telephone or Skype support throughout the year