about wanja knighton

Wanja Knighton is a Fashion Stylist and Etiquette Consultant with extensive experience styling both professional and political figures in Africa and North America. She has featured as a guest stylist on national television channels in her native Kenya, like KTN, NTV, Citizen and K24. Her styling videos are aired weekly on TV in Kenya.

Wanja is a very firm believer that What we Wear can change our lives. Using her 7 Secrets of a Stylish Woman, she shows her clients how to bring style into their fashion by giving them advice that not only changes their dressing sense but also gives them tips on how to buy less and wear more.

From a very young age, Wanja Knighton always dreamt of being a fashion designer, being the last of six children, and having three older sisters, hand me down’s were her staple wardrobe pieces.  This did not deter her fashion journey, on the contrary, she spent hours hand stitching her hand me downs to dream items which were often more ghastly than stylish.  Style is a journey after all.

For quite a few years, Wanja followed the traditional career path into the world of business and management at Oxfam and later at the  University of Oxford.  The fashion heartbeat continued beating passionately, and she finally set up her own consultancy, she is now in charge of styling some of the most senior women in Nairobi both in government and in the  private sector.

As well as being a fashion stylist, Wanja is a Kensington (London) trained etiquette consultant and she adds posture, poise and deportment in her work with clients.