Wanja Knighton | About
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Meet Wanja Knighton

Wanja Knighton is Fashion Stylist and Creative Director of Wanja Knighton™, a UK-based emerging luxury bespoke brand whose hallmark is meticulous attention to detail and a keen focus on meeting each client’s needs and objectives. The brand exquisitely marries luxury, technology, style and fashion to create pieces that are uniquely bespoke.

The Journey

Born in Kenya, Wanja realised her passion for fashion at a tender age. The last of four sisters, hand-me-downs were her wardrobe staples. She would spend hours hand stitching them into dream pieces just like she saw in magazines. But they were more garish than stylish.

As a young adult Wanja pursued a conventional career in business and management at the University of Oxford. After a life-changing experience she decided to return to her passion; fashion. She has since styled clients internationally. In 2016, she set up her luxury bespoke service, which marries technology with fashion resulting in elegant bespoke pieces from classics to wedding gowns.